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About Us

Years ago while attending a friends wedding, an idea came to me that eventually led to the founding of Silver Lining Photography & Video. As I watched the frenzy of activity surrounding the bride and groom on this, their most special day; I couldn't help but to drift back to the day that my lovely wife and I officially entered into our life together some 15 years ago. I remembered how grateful I was that we were fortunate enough to have captured our special day in both pictures and video. Each of these treasures have had a lasting impact on our lives and will continue to do so.

As I watched all of the unique spontaneous interactions between the couple and their family and friends that day, it eventually struck me that they did not have a videographer.
I thought that maybe they didn't see the value in it, or most likely it may not have been affordable after all of their other wedding expenses. Either way, I knew in my heart that as wonderful as their pictures may be, that they wouldn't help them remember the funny joke that the Maid of Honor told prior to the ceremony, or the way that the Best Man pretended to have misplaced the ring.

It occurred to me that people would likely see the value in being able to get both their pictures and a video for what they would sometimes have paid just for one or the other. From that day forward my goal became to develop a company that would do just that. I set out to recruit like minded artist to help make my dream a reality, and I am pleased to say that it has been the most emotionally and creatively fulfilling venture of my professional life.

Today, Silver Lining Photography and Video consist of a talented team of professional and award-winning photographers, videographers, and editors. The top priority of each member of our creative team is to deliver the utmost in quality and creativity to our valued clients. Whether it's by delivering impeccable photographs in a unique, "fine art" caliber album and/or capturing the footage of your big day on one of our feature packed, one of a kind DVD creations; our mission at Silver Lining will always be for you to be able to "leave your memories to us and just.....enjoy your wedding!

John Mitchell
Silver Lining Photography & Video

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