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A couple's wedding day is priceless. Unfortunately we don't have time machines that allow us to bounce back to that moment in time to relive it periodically. The closest thing that we have to a time machine is the images that are captured during that special day. These images, whether still or moving, allow us to mentally cast ourselves back to our wedding day. At Silver Lining we pride ourselves in providing affordable options to preserve your most precious times.

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As you will notice in the brochure, we offer a wide range of options to accommodate virtually every budget. Picture packages begin with the $588 Silver Package which provides images from just the ceremony, and end at the Full Monte which includes coverage for the entire day, an engagement photo shoot, and eighty page album and much, much more. The Full Monte at $2772, is a huge value for that level of service. All of our photo packages include the luxury of online proofing from this website.

Our Video packages, mirror the photography packages in regards to investment levels. The Silver Package is $588 and provides coverage of the ceremony on DVD. At the other end of the spectrum is our original Director's Cut package at $2772. This unique package features a deluxe 2-disk presentation, multiple custom menus, numerous slideshows and an outtake/deleted scene reel. The first disk contains the Main Feature and the second disk will hold the bonus features. The highlight being a special behind the scenes featurette on the the couple's big day. This package is definitely the keepsake of keepsakes. We also have discounted packages for couple's that retain us for both photography and video.

We can also customize a package for you if you feel that you want something in addition to or instead of, some of the options that we have listed.

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2016 Silver Lining Photography and Video